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"This is easily one of the friendliest, happiest places on the East End.  
The bartender was amazing and treated me as though I were an old friend.  The beer was ice cold and the little personal pizza I ordered was crispy and cooked to perfection, I then ordered a pasta which was so delicious and abundant I took most of it with me to finish in Manhattan.  I don't remember the bartender's name but I will be going back with friends to this attractive little pub, pizzeria, bistro, bar."
-via Yelp.com

"Awesome pies, delicious toppings. Gotta try the smoked mozzarella, it even converted someone who thought they didn't like smoked mozz. Great salads and apps and pastas too. Might be the easiest, most fun place to go in the hamptons, no scene, just food and drink and good service and good people."
-via Zagat.com

"A friendly staff and mouthwatering Italian food make this down-to-earth eatery a popular choice. Artichoke hearts, goat cheese, and basil are among the toppings used on the more than 20 varieties of pizza baked in the wood-burning oven. The fresh salads such as the chopped romaine with tomatoes, red onions, and blue cheese are delectable, as are such daily specials as seared lamb chops with polenta. Enjoy your pie alfresco at outdoor tables in summer."
-Fodor's review

Great Food, Great Prices: In an increasingly large number of overpriced and trendy restaurants in the Hamptons, World Pie offers a wonderful alternative. Its food is well prepared, the service excellent, and its atmosphere both intimate and casual. It is a great value."
-via Yahoo local

"Best pizza around!! The duck and goat cheese pizza left me thinking about it for days!!!"
-via Zagat.com

Last night we at at World Pie again and as usual the food and service were as good as before. The fennel/orange salad was fresh, delicious and well presented. We had the Mr. Tan and Parma pizzas - they arrived piping hot - a nice thin crust with ample toppings and both were delicious. This is one of the best deals around in the Hamptons and a good place to stop on the way back to the city. Good fares at reasonable Hampton prices. A nice atmosphere and a superb bar tender. Even when it's busy they try their hardest to provide good service and the wait for food is never unreasonable. This place is a winner."
-via Tripadvisor.com

"The pizza? Amazing.  Probably the best in the Hamptons.  The coal-fired white pizza with clams?  The next best thing to heaven.  No kidding.  And the coal-fire-roasted giant artichoke with green goddess dressing is one of the best things I've ever tasted in my life, anywhere, EVER.  World Pie is an innately cool place with a low-key & welcoming  atmosphere ( atreat in the Hamptons), solid food year-round, a great place to hang out with friends, bring a date, bring your honey, bring your kids, eat/drink alone at the bar.......but that white clam pizza & artichoke truly haunt my dreams"
-via Yelp.com


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